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Used Docks:

ShoreStation Benches, Nice Add-On pieces for any dock $100 ea

Stock: #5480 Hewitt Steps 8' alum steps, landing at the top, with hand-rail $795.

Stock: #3931 Porta Post 8 ft str Plastic 1-8 ft section of porta dock,
nice add on piece, no attaching hardware  $495.

Stock: #5221 Pier Pleasure Roll-in 12 ft. str Titan, 1 - 12 foot section of dock,
good shape, has shallow legs and screw jack adjustment  $895.

Stock: # Demo Shorebridge Post 16 ft. L-8 Alum 1 - 16 ft section with a 4x8 L,
mitered corner and bumpers, 8 ft. ramp, recently added bench and ladder, dealer demo $4,095

Stock #4667 Generic Roll-in 16 ft. L-8, Alum frame,
16 ft. ramp, cedar decking plastic tires. $1,595

Stock: #5058 Dock Rite Roll-In 24 ft. L-8 Alum frame and alum panel
decking, plastic bumpers, bench and corner. $3,295.

Stock: #5364 Shoremaster RS7 Roll-In 24 ft. L-8 Alum frame, removable
alum panel decking, has a ladder and mitered corner $2,495.

Stock: #5426 Floe Roll-in 24 ft. L-8, Alum frame, perm alum decking,
1-16 ft. section, 1-8x8 sundeck and 1-12 ft. ramp, great shape $2,895 SOLD!!

Stock: #5466 Ez-Roll Roll-in 24 ft.  L-8, steel frame, plywood blue
carpeted decking, with wheels, and table, 8x8 sundeck $795.

Stock # 5628 Porta 24 ft. L-8 Steel Frame with Older Cedar Decking $895

Stock: #5143 Hewitt-Generic Post 20 ft.  - 4x12 Wood and fiberglass
decking post dock. 20 ft straight with a T that measures 4x12  $995

Stock: #3081 Generic Roll-In 24 ft. L-8 dock. Galv. steel frame,
removable cedar panels, rubber tires, winch for leveling. $1,195

Stock: #4159 EZ Roll - Roll-In 28 ft. alum frame, cedar decking
8x8 L. New cedar! $1,995.

Stock # 5721 Floe 28' Str. Alum Frame with Perm. Alum Decking
1-16' sect and 1-12' sect.  $1,995 SOLD!!!

Stock: #4783 Shoremaster Post 31'6 Aluminum frame, permanent green treated boards
measures 31 ft. 6 inches  $1,295.

Stock: #2266 Generic Roll-In 32 ft. str.  alum frame, cedar top,
plastic tires. Cedar is one year old.  $1,695.

Stock: #5004 Hewitt Roll-in 32 ft. Str. Steel frame, alum decking rubber tires  $1,095.

Stock: #5099 Newmans Roll-in 32' Str. Cedar aluminum frame,
older cedar decking, rubber tires, has ladder.  $1,495.

Stock: #5330 Dock Rite Roll-in 32 ft. Str. Vinyl Aluminum frame, removable
vinyl decking, 8 ft. ramp, 2-16 ft. sections, bench and a ladder $2,995. SOLD!!!!

Stock: #3728 Hewitt Roll-In 32 ft. Str. Aluminum frame, perm fiberglass
decking, winch for leveling, rubber tires. $1,695.

Stock: #5355 Ez-Roll Roll-in 32' Str.  Aluminum frame, newer cedar
decking, rubber tires, 1 solid 32 ft. piece. $1,495.

Stock: #5359 Hewitt Roll-in 32 ft. Str. Alum Aluminum frame and decking,
plastic tires. $1,995     SOLD!!!

Stock: #5363 Porta Roll-In 32 ft. Str. Aluminum frame, permanent, alum decking. $2,495.

Stock # 5425 Hewitt Post 32 ft. Str. Alum Frame with Permanent Decking
3-8' sects. Sold Per Section (Bench Already Sold)  $300ea  SOLD!!!!

Stock: #5429 Dock-Rite Roll-in 32' Str. Vinyl aluminum frame,
vinyl decking, flow-thru decking, plastic tires. $2,195.

Stock: #5443 Floe Roll-in 32 ft. Str. Alum frame, perm alum
decking, very nice dock $2,295!   SOLD!!

Stock # 5457 Newman Roll-In 32 ft. Str. Alum Frame, Cedar Decking $1,995

Stock #5468 Floe Roll-In 32 ft Str. Alum Frame with permanent wood
grain painted alum decking, plastic wheels $2,595 SOLD!!!

Stock: #5684 Shoremaster Roll-in 32 ft. Str IPE Aluminum frame,
IPE Decking, RS7, plastic wheels, very nice dock. $2,995.

Stock #5720 Floe Roll-In 32 ft. Str. Alum frame with permanent
alum decking. Has been painted, color differs a little bit $2,495  SOLD!!!!

Stock #5725 Newman Roll-In 32 ft. Str.  Alum Frame with Cedar Decking
Rubber wheels,  Missing Dock Pole Caps $1,995

Stock # 5727 Advanced  Roll-In 32 ft. Str. Alum Frame & Perm. Alum Decking
5' wide dock, raised edges for wheelchairs, Rubber Wheels & Screw Jack Legs  $2,995

Stock # 5729 Advanced Roll In 32 ft. Str. Alum Frame, Alum Decking
16' Hand Rails, Rubber Wheels, 5 ft. Wide Dock, 2-16 ft. Sect.   $2,995

Stock #5731 ShoreStation Post 32 ft. Str. Permanent Alum Decking
with Cedar Sides. Will come with legs & leg frames(need water depths)
New Sections Available  $2,295 or $525 per section

Stock: #3231 Floe Roll-In 32 ft. L-8x8  Aluminum frame, plywood w/carpet. $2,795.

Stock: #3729 WOW Roll-In 32 ft. L-8 Cedar Alum frame, cedar decking,
Bench, plastic tires, 8 ft. ramp, there are 16 sections. $2,495.

Stock: #4024 Generic Roll-In 32 ft. L-8 Cedar alum. frame, older
cedar decking, 8 ft. ramp. $1,795.

Stock: #4199 Daka Roll-in 32 ft. L-8 Cedar Steel frame, cedar decking,
1-16'ft section with sundeck is bolted together.  $1,295.

Stock: #4529 EZ Roll - roll-in 32 ft. L-8 Cedar alum frame, cedar panels,
8x12 sundeck, 24 ft. main dock. $1,995.

Stock: #4807 Ridgeline Roll-in 32 ft. L-8 Cedar Aluminum frame, cedar panels,
4x8 sundeck, this can be changed to either side.  $1,995. 

Stock: #5019 Hewitt Roll-In 32 ft. L-8 Alum. frame, perm decking,
has 16 ft. ramp and bench. Deep water dock, 62" at lowest point. $3,195.

Stock: #5227 Hewitt Rol-in 32 ft. L-8 alum Alum frame, rubber tires,
4x8 sundeck, bench, 8 ft. ramp nice dock $2,995 SOLD!!

Stock: #5276 Dock-Rite Roll-in 32' L-8 Titan Alum frame, screw-down
plastic panels, mitered corner, 8'ramp, 3 bumpers and shore legs,
screw jack legs. $3,995.  SOLD!!

Stock: #5302 Ridgeline Roll-In, 32 ft. L-8 Cedar Alum frame, NEW cedar panels,
plastic tires on shore end and end of dock, nice dock $2,495.00

Stock: #5337 Porta Roll-In 32 ft. L-8 Alum frame, perm alum decking,
mitered corner, bench, 4 ft. ramp, shore leg wheels, 2-16 ft. sections $3,295.

Stock: #5389 Porta dock, Roll-in 32 ft. L-8, Alum frame, tan painted
alum panels, very nice dock with a bench and winch for leveling $3,895.

Stock: #5399 Floe Roll-in 32 ft. L-8 Alum frame, with perm alum decking,
mitered corner, new 6 ft. ramp, shore legs, corner bumpers, 2-16 ft. sections,
1-8x8 sundeck, nice dock $4,295. SOLD!!!

Stock: 5485 Porta Roll-In 32 ft. L-8 Alum decking and  Alum frame,
perm alum decking, bench, mitred corner, 4 ft. ramp, 2 bumpers. $3,495.

Stock: #5495 Shoremaster Roll-In 32 ft. L-8 Alum Alum frame, aluminum
panels, very nice dock, RS7, Has mitered corner, ladder! $3,495.

Stock: # 5604 Voyager Roll-in 32 ft. L-8 Vinyl decking, aluinum frame,
vinyl thru flow decking, 2-16 ft. sections with 4x8 L with a bench and a ladder $3,295.  SOLD!!!!

Stock: #5676 Shoremaster Roll-in 32 ft. L-8 Aluminum frame, IPE Decking,
RS7, plastic wheels, bench, ladder. Very nice dock! $4,495.

Stock: #5713 Dock Rite Roll-in 32 ft. L-8,  aluminum frame, alum
removable panels, mitered corner. $3,295.

Stock #5730 ShoreStation Post 32 ft. L-8 Permanent Cedar Decking
Will come with leg frames and legs (need water depths) New Sections
Available $2,495

Stock: #5517 V-Dock Roll-in 32 ft. L-16 Plastic decking, Aluminum frame,
3-4x16 ft. sections, very nice shape, has cleats and 6 bumpers. $2,995.

Stock: #5280 Hewitt Rol-in 36 ft. str. Alum top, aluminum frame and
decking, rubber tires $2,195.00

Stock: #5698 Floe Roll-In 36 ft. Str. Aluminum frame and decking,
1 - 12, 16,  and 8 ft. sections. The 8 ft. section can be made into an L. $2,995.

Stock: #5228 Generic Roll-In 39 ft. L-8 Galvanized frame, older cedar decking. $995.

Stock: #3404 Voyager Post 40 ft. str. Cedar Aluminum frame,
newer cedar decking, 5 ft. wide dock. $2,995.

Stock: #5091 Hewitt Roll-In 40 ft. Str. Alum. frame,
aluminum decking, rubber tires.  $2,495.

Stock: #5203 C/S Generic Roll-In 40 ft. Str. Alum. frame, removable
alum panels, nice dock, 2 removable winches for leveling.  $2,495 

Stock #5370 ShoreStation Post 40 ft. Str. Permanent Cedar Decking
Will come with Legs & Leg Frames (need water depths) New Sections
Available  $2,495

Stock: #3590 Generic Roll-In 40 ft. L-8 dock w/ Alum frame,
permanent vinyl panels, rubber tires, screw jacks, bumpers. $2,495.

Stock: #3679 Dock Rite Roll-In 40 ft. L-8 Cedar decking, alum frame,
removable cedar panels, bench, Winch for leveling, rubber tires. $2,395. SOLD!!!

Stock: #4663 Dock Rite Roll-In 40 ft. L-8 Cedar. Alum frame,
older cedar panels, plastic tires, winch for leveling. $2,395.

Stock #5775 Shorestation Post 40 ft. L-8, Cedar Decking with Cedar Sideboards, 5-8' Sects,
Will need water depths to get leg frames and legs,   $2,795

Stock: #3068 Shoremaster Roll-In 40 ft. 2 L-8's Alum frame and decking,
wood bench, 2 sundecks! 2 corner bumpers, plastic tires. $4,495.

Stock: #5014 Hewitt Roll-in 40 ft. L-8 Alum frame, alum decking,
plastic tires, 8 ft. fiberglass bench.  $3,995.

Stock #5310 Newman 40 ft. L-8 Alum Frame with Cedar Decking
Has plastic tires, comes with corner protectors, also has 8 ft. Shore Ramp with Cedar Decking - $3,295  SOLD!!!

Stock: #5373 Floe Roll-In 40 ft.- L-12 Alum frame and decking,
1 - 8x12 ft. sundeck with 2-16 ft. sections, 2 bumpers and water steps. $3,595. SOLD!!

Stock: #2677 Newman Post 48 ft. Straight dock, aluminum frame,
8 ft. ramp, wheels on shore end. White top, bench, nice dock. $2,495.

Stock: #4906 Pier Pleasure Post 48 ft. Str. Cedar aluminum frame,
cedar decking post sectional dock.  $2,195.  SOLD!!!

Stock: #5343 Shorestation Post 48 ft. Str. Alum. frame, cedar side
boards, aluminum decking, comes with a swivel chair and 2 bumpers,
comes with customers chocie of legs, nice dock. $3,495.

Stock: #5686 Floe Roll-In 48 ft. Str. Alum. frame, perm alum top,
screw jack legs, shore legs. $3,495 SOLD!!

Stock # 5724cs EZ Roll Roll-In 48ft. has Alum. frame with removable alum. panels
2-24ft sects. 1-8ft ramp  $3,495

Stock: #3134 EZ Roll Roll-In 48 ft. L-8 dock, Alum frame, perm. plywood
decking, LH "L" can't be moved, screw jack legs. $1,995.

Stock: #5336 Floe Roll-in 48' L-8 Alum Aluminum frame, permanent alum decking,
3-16'ft sections, 1-12'ft ramp, 1 8x8 sundeck, nice dock. $4,295 SOLD!!

Stock: #5288 Hewitt Roll-In 48 ft. 8x8 Alum frame and decking.
Has a 8 ft. bench, nice dock! $3,495

Stock # 5327 Hewitt Roll-In 48ft. with 2 8' Sundecks, and 10' Ramp
Truss Style Dock, Perm. Alum Decking, Plastic Wheels, Bench, Shorestep,
Miter Corners, Shore Wheels      $4,995  SOLD!!!!


Stock: #5711 Newmans Roll-In, 48 ft. L-8 Vinyl Aluminum frame,
vinyl decking, plastic tires, 4 ft. wood ramp with steel frame, 3-16 ft. sections,
4x8 sundeck, 5 bumpers, 1 bench. $3,995.

Stock # 5773 ShoreStation Shorebridge 48' w/ Double L-8, Alum Frame, Removable Alum Decking, 1-8' Ramp, 3-16' Sect,
2-8' Sundeck Sect, 1-Mitered Corner, Plastic Tires, 4-Vertical Bumpers, Screw Jack Legs, 2 Yr Old Dock     $5,995

Stock: #5117 C/S Ez Roll 52 ft. str. Alum. frame, cedar decking,
1-40 ft section and 1-12 ft section, rubber tires.  $1,995.

Stock: #5329 Ez-Roll 56 ft. Str. Plywood Alum frame, plywood decking,
1-40 ft. section and 1-16 ft. section. $2,295.

Stock: #5455 Shorestation Post 56 ft. Str. Alum top, cedar sideboards,
SS Sectional dock, good condition,5 sections with one diagonal cut section,
selling by the section, comes with leg frames that customer needs $525

Stock: #4133 Beach King 20 ft. 2 L-8's. 5 ft. wide dock! Vinyl top w/ceder ramp.
Comes with 2 vinyl benches, 4-corner bumpers, and bumper front.
Great add-on piece! $3,995 SOLD!!!

Stock: #5043 EZ Roll 56 ft. L-8 Cedar Aluminum frame, cedar decking,
corner bumpers on sundeck, 2 sections, 1 - 40 ft. and 1- 16 ft. section. $2,395

Stock: #5403 Beach King Roll-In 56' ft.L-8 Cedar Aluminum frame,
cedar decking, rubber tires. $2,995.   SOLD!!!!

Stock: #5607 Floe Roll-In 56 ft. L-8 Alum frame and decking,
bench, 3 bumpers, 9 ft. water steps, mitered corner, 12 ft. ramp,
very nice dock, 3-16 ft. sections, 1-8x12 sundeck. $5,995. SOLD!!

Stock: #5687 Floe Roll-in 56' L-12 Alum frame and perm top, ladder,
2 large mitered corners, 1 small mitered corner, 2 bumpers, 2 corner
bumpers, 2 swivel chairs, 8x12 sundeck. Great dock system!! $6,495. SOLD!!

Stock: #5461 Generic Roll-In 62 ft. L-8 Cedar/w steel frame,
cedar permanent top, rubber tires. Comes with a hitch on shore side. $995.

Stock: #3832 Shorestation Post 56 ft. There are 7 - 8 ft. Sections of cedar dock,
frames to whatever water depths you need, nice dock. $3,495

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