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on used products! Sorry for any inconvenience.
Credit Cards for used purchases will be subject to a 4% fee on the Item and the tax• • •


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Used Docks:

Stock# 5864 Floe Shore or aqua steps 8 step $495.00 SOLD!!!!

Stock # 5865 Northern Lights dealer demo 1- 8x8 sundeck alum decking , 1- corner,
2- bumper, bench and ladder, will work for floe docks $2,195.00 SOLD!!

Stock# 5867 Shore Station All Cedar 4x8 post section with leg frame $300.00 Sold!!!

Stock #4667 Generic Roll-in 16 ft. L-8, Alum frame,
16 ft. ramp, cedar decking plastic tires. $1,595.

Stock # 6242 Newmans Roll-in 24' str, with vinyl decking,
with mismatched colors, this dock also comes with a 8' ramp.
There are 8' legs on the wheel end and 5' legs on the shore side. $2095 SOLD!!!!

Stock # 5343 Shore Station Post 32' str. Aluminum frame, cedar side boards,
aluminum decking, comes with a swivel chair $2,495. SOLD!!!!

Stock: #5429 Dock-Rite Roll-in 32' Str. Vinyl aluminum frame,
vinyl decking, flow-thru decking, plastic tires. $2,195.

Stock # 5604 Voyager Roll-In 32 ft. Str. Alum frame with
mismatched Plastic Decking, Plastic Tires, 2-16' sections. $1,895 SOLD!!!

Stock # 5727 Advanced  Roll-In 32 ft. Str. Alum Frame,
Perm. Alum Decking, 5' wide dock, raised edges for wheelchairs.
Rubber Wheels & Screw Jack Legs  $2,995

Stock # 5729 Advanced Roll In 32 ft. Str. Alum Frame, Alum Decking
16' Hand Rails, Rubber Wheels, 5 ft. Wide Dock, 2-16 ft. Sect.  $2,995

Stock # 6191 Hewitt Roll-in 32' str Alum Frame, alum decking,
rubber tires will work in 5' of water $1995 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6260 Newman roll-in 32' srt, Alum Frame, Vinyl decking
roll in dock that will work in 3.5' of water $1,895 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6289  Hewitt Roll-in 32' str Alum Frame, alum decking,
Rubber tires will work in 5' of water $1795 SOLD!!!!

Stock # 6329 Voyager Roll-in 32' srt, alum frame, Alum frame,
vinyl decking, plastic tires, will work in 4.5' of water $1,995.00 SOLD!!!!

Stock: #3729 WOW Roll-In 32 ft. L-8 Cedar Alum frame, cedar decking,
Bench, plastic tires, 8 ft. ramp, . $2,495. SOLD!!

Stock# 4003 Newman 32' L-8  Alum frame, cedar decking,
4x8 sundeck, ladder $2,495

Stock: #4529 EZ Roll - roll-in 32 ft. L-8 Cedar alum frame, cedar panels,
8x12 sundeck, 24 ft. main dock. $1,995.

Stock: #5676 Shoremaster Roll-in 32 ft. L-8 Aluminum frame, IPE Decking,
RS7, plastic wheels, bench, ladder. Very nice dock! $4,495.

Stock: #5713 Dock Rite Roll-in 32 ft. L-8,  aluminum frame, alum
removable panels, mitered corner. $3,295. SOLD!!!!

Stock: # 5816 Newman Roll-in 32' L-8' Alum Frame, Cedar decking.
Corner section, bench, ladder, rubber tires $2295.00,

Stock # 5931  Newman Roll-in 32' L-8' Alum Frame, Vinyl decking.
Corner section, plastic tires $2995.00 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6026 Porta Roll in 32' L-8' alum frame, alum decking 
plastic tires, bench, corner bumpers, this dock
will work in 3' to 8' of water $2995.00 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6096 Ridgeline Roll in 32' L-8' Alum Frame, tan alum decking,
plastic wheels, will work in water up to 7' $1995 SOLD!!

Stock # 6201 Voyager Roll-in 32' L-8' Alum Fram, Vinyl decking,
table , two chairs, ladder, will work up to 4' of water $2795.00 SOLD!!

Stock: #3068 Shoremaster Roll-In 40 ft. 2 L-8's Alum frame and decking,
wood bench, 2 sundecks! 2 corner bumpers, plastic tires. $4,495. SOLD!!!

Stock # 6126 Hewitt Roll-in 40' L-8x8 alum frame, alum decking.
This dock comes with a 4' ramp ladder, helper wheel on sun deck.
This dock is good for up to 6' of water $4,495

Stock #6152cs Floe Roll 40' L-8x8 Alum Frame, solid plywood decking with carpet.
Comes with rubber tires , corner bumpers, and shore post. There is a 12' section
used for a finger it can be add to make the dock longer,
this dock will work in water up to 6' deep $2,995.00 SOLD!!!!

Stock #6189 Vibo Roll -in 44' str alum frame, cedar decking,
roll in dock that will work in 5' of water $1995 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6297 Vibo Roll -in 44' str alum frame, cedar decking,
roll in dock that will work in 5' of water $1995 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6063 LA dock post 44' L-6' Alum Frame, Vinyl decking.
This is a post sectional dock, this dock will work in 2' to 5' of water. $2895 SOLD!!!

Stock: #3134 EZ Roll Roll-In 48 ft. L-8 dock, Alum frame, perm. plywood
decking, LH "L" can't be moved, screw jack legs. $1,995

Stock# 5798 Hewitt Roll-In 48' 4x4L Alum Frame, alum decking,
4x4 L section and a ladder $3,495 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6124 Shore Master Roll-in 48' -L8 Alum frame,
white alum decking, 4x8 L section, bench, ramp,
and corner section, this dock will work in water up to 5' of water $5495.00

Stock# 6250 Porta Roll-in 48' 8x8L Alum Frame, alum decking,
8x8 sundeck 8' ramp, 4 vertical bumpers, ladder,
2 chairs this dock will work up to 8' of water $4,995.00 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6259 Porta Post 48' L-8 Alum framealum decking,
8' L section with corner, and one 8' section that
can go in front of pontoon or boat lift, 4 vertical bumpers $4295.00

Stock # 6302 Vibo Roll-in, 48' L8,   Alum Frame, Cedar decking.
Bench and 4x8 L section, this dock will work in water up to 6' of water $1995.00 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6133 Beach king Roll in 64' srt, Alum Frame, Titan decking,
8' ramp this dock will work in 2' to 4.5' of water $3495.00 SOLD!!!

Stock # 6171 Beach King 68' srt. alum frame, cedar decking,
screw jack legs and wheels on 2 sections, this dock will
work in water up to 6' two 20' sections, one 16' section, one 12' section. $3295

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